On the misty forest

28 de agosto de 2015

To be honest, I don't remember the last time I went to the Pena's Palace's Gardens but, after last Tuesday, I'm surely going back. The initial plan was to take a small walk along the gardens and visit the interior of the palace but, when we went to buy the tickets, we were told that there was at least an hour waiting line to get in. With that we decided to just see the gardens and, if we had time, pass near the palace and ask about the line. The day started sunny, though soon enough the sun was covered by the clouds that normally surround Sintra. It wasn't a bad thing, really. The glowing forest became more mystical, and the sunlight turned into an enchanting mist that allowed me to take these stunning pictures. Bad side of things: the walk had to ended earlier than we expected since the wind and cold came as well and our jackets were in the car far bellow where we were. We did try to visit the palace but, when we finally reached it, it was just too late and we wouldn't be able to see it properly (or take any decent pictures!). Hope you like these!

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