Mrs. Grey

20 de novembro de 2015

Today I bring you an outfit that I put up together after my SheIn delivery arrived. I used it for a simple night out, but with a necklace or even a scarf, it can look more casual that this. And I just couldn't resist photographing the whole thing in an all grey room! I've always loved a long loose jacket, but I have to say, from all that I have, this one is my favorite. Besides having a great color, it's super soft and warm, adequate to wear on those cold days in Winter, but also good to wear on top of a light shirt in Autumn. The other thing that I want to focus on this post is the high waist skirt, also from SheIn, that brings the whole outfit together. I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it online but, when it arrived, I found it difficult to use it properly because of it's volume. Whenever I put a shirt on it would only make me look even more round, which I didn't like... Finally I was able to find a simple sweater that, tucked inside the skirt, made the perfect combination.  Hope you like it!

Skirt: SheIn || Jacket: SheIn

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  1. Tão gira, adoro !

  2. O casaco é giro e versátil. Vais conseguir fazer looks lindos com ele!
    Btw, esse quarto parece-me lindo :p

  3. Adorei o teu conjunto, tão bonito! *-*

  4. És muito gira! Por isso embelezas mesmo qualquer fotografia! :)

  5. Estás tão gira! Adoro o casaco :)


    Sofia Silva, Beijos*

  6. gosto muito :D

    estou a oferecer $50 para gastar numa lojinha que adoro, participa aqui: :)

  7. Muito lindo o look, gostei muito.

  8. gosto imenso!!! o fundo das fotos é mm giro!!! *-* adoro o teu armário xp
    Sandra Color-s / Instagram Sandra (sigo de volta se gostar :)

  9. O casaco é perfeito <3

  10. I just love grey clothes. The coat is beautiful and suits you so much :)

  11. Adorei o casaco! Sou uma grande fã de cinzento nesta altura do ano!

    - Miss Grace -

  12. que engraçado teres-me reconhecido! da próxima vez já sei! o meu namorado lembra-se de nos atenderes... beijinhos!

  13. A great outfit, I really love the grey jacket! Have a nice weekend!


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