Christmas at home

24 de dezembro de 2015

Good evening everyone! Today my morning started awfully - had to spend about to hours in bed with a huge headache...I thought I would spend my entire Christmas Evening on the darkness of my room! Fortunately the pills finally kicked in and here I am, writing a small post to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by those you love: either next to you or inside your heart. These are pictures of the Christmas decorations on my house (I wish I could capture my cats messing with the tree, but whenever I got the camera they would just stop and go on with their feline lives...). Finally, I want to thank all of you, new and old followers, and to you that dropped today on my blog by a small coincidence, for all the support and nice words that always keep me going and give me courage to post my photographical adventures. 

Merry Christmas and see you on Friday! 

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  1. You captured the atmosphere fantastically! My cats would tear the tree down though ;). Have a wonderful Christmas yourself.

  2. Great post! :) x

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    Have a great weekend!


  3. IGUALMENTEEEEE <3 Espero que tenhas tido uma consoada e um dia de natal super mágicos :D
    Adoro esses pormenores. As tuas fotos são tão awesomes +.+

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  4. Espero que tenhas tido um excelente Natal querida!

  5. As fotografias estão tão giras! Transmitem perfeitamente o aconchego de uma casa decorada para o Natal :)

    Perdida em Combate

  6. Muito obrigado! <3 Espero que o teu natal tenha sido mágico! Boas entradas :)

    p.s: adorei as fotografias! estão lindas!


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