Christmas lights in Porto

18 de dezembro de 2015

Hello everyone! You probably didn't notice since I left some posts on schedule, but I've been really busy. From college to my trip to Porto, it has been non stop for the past three weeks. Nevertheless, today I bring you some of the pictures I took on the last day that I was there (6th of December) focusing on the Christmas lights. When we arrived to see them there were so many people that I couldn't believe my eyes. The lights were still off but even so thousands of people were gathered around, waiting. When the Christmas tree finally led up, everyone around me started to clap and cheer, taking pictures with their family and friends. It was so amazing! Hope you enjoy these pictures! I'll see you all next week with more pictures of what brought me to this beautiful city once again.

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  2. Fotos tãoooo giras :)
    Beijinhos e um Feliz Natal.

  3. Oh my gosh that tree looks amazing, you got some really beautiful photos!x


  4. Andei a explorar o teu blog e adoro todas as tuas fotos! O Porto é uma cidade lindíssima, fico à espera do post com mais fotografias da Invicta :) *


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