Comic Con Portugal 2015

22 de dezembro de 2015

Hello everyone! To whoever follows me on instagram this is probably not a surprise, but to who still doesn't: from the 4th to the 6th of December me and my boyfriend went to Porto for the 2nd edition of Comic Con Portugal. As always, it was crowded, and when I say crowded I mean claustrophobical-crowded! This year there were some awesome changes, and some irritating news as well. Let's start with the good parts: there was a lot more space, with a lot more merchandising stores represented, and mostly, a lot more places to go and play instead of having to wait for half an hour to play a console game like last year. Now what really "grinded my gears": for starters, the paid autographs. Last year, like it should always be in my opinion, the price of the daily ticket included most of the events (except the meet and greet with the celebrities, which is understandable), but this year, if you wanted to get a piece of paper signed, you had to pay. And wasn't just a couple of euros. It was, at least, 20€... But, if you bought the permission to get an autograph and suddenly the organization decided that it was free, you had the chance to have the "meet and greet"... You can probably tell how furious I am about this...but oh well, no need to cry a river about it anyway. The main point here is that I had fun. A LOT of fun, and that's all that matters in the end of the day, right?

This was probably my favorite part: the number of different Pop Figures available to purchase. I had to do a lot of meditation to not get them all, and I actually ended up not taking any of them home. Instead I settled with a great painting made of coffee with Yoda (I'll show it eventually).

And what kind of nerd would I be if I didn't drool over the DeLorean from Back to the Future? Here are just two of the pictures that I took. Inside there was even pieces of clothing that Marty wore on the movies!

And to finish this awesome adventure why not taste Japanese candy? If you're wondering, yes, that candy down there is shaped like a poop, and yes, it tasted delicious thank you very much!

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