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2 de dezembro de 2015

Hello everyone! Today I bring you an unexpected post. On the 11th November me and my boyfriend went for a walk near the river and, as I took pictures along the way (I'll show them in future posts!), he decided to take pictures as well, some of them including me in the background. This is not a full-outfit, but I've always wanted to show you this blouse. It looks like a simple cotton pink blouse but, what's so particular about this, is the collar, and that's what really caught my attention when I was searching for new clothes on the past year. I'm not going to lie: it's tricky to put the collar on, since it's buttoned to the shirt and you can't put your head inside it until you unbutton it all, being super hard to put all the buttons back on place with the shirt on. Nevertheless, it's an interesting piece and I love it! If you're wondering where the rest of the outfit comes from check a previous post of mine (Flowers in Autumn). Hope you enjoyed the post!

Blouse: SheIn

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