Happy New Year!

3 de janeiro de 2016 Sesimbra, Portugal

Hello everyone! Like I promised: here are some more of the pictures that I took on New Year's Eve, now focusing on the gorgeous firework. It was 23 p.m. when everyone decided it would be a great idea to leave the house and head to the center of Sesimbra to see the fireworks. What we forgot was that we weren't the only people that would want to see it and, when we arrived, it took us about one hour to park the car! As we were going down to see the show, it started! I didn't have much time to find the right spot to take these pictures but, as we walked, there was a small clearing that seemed good enough. The only problem was the antena right in front, but it was that or a giant tree! 

And since I didn't say anything on the last post: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May all your dreams and plans for this new chapter come true! I still can't believe that in June of this year I'll be a nurse! Kind of freaking out, but a good freak-out. It'll be the end of a long journey!

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  1. Sesimbra no Ano Novo e Carnaval é o caos, não me apanhavam lá de certeza haha. Apesar da vossa demora a arranjar lugar, as fotografias ficaram óptimas. Não há nada como fogo de artifício :)

    Ricardo, The Ghostly Walker.

    1. Eu nunca tinha ido, mas sim, confusão por todo o lado! Ainda por cima lá mais para a noite era uma ambulância a passar a cada meia hora para o meio da confusão...
      Obrigada pelo comentário :D

  2. wow, as fotos estão lindissimas!! Eu ainda tentei tirar algumas, mas a coisa nao correu muito bem haha


    McTBeauty: http://mctbeauty.blogspot.pt

    1. Obrigada! Eu nem mostro as primeiras quando me esqueci de por a câmara como deve ser :p

  3. Que fotos mais bonitas do fogo de artifício <3
    Um bom ano!


  4. As fotos estão demais, e bom 2016!


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