Bullet Journal(ing)

24 de junho de 2019

Hello everyone! This year has been full of surprises and the year to start new things. So... with that in mind, I finally decided to start a Bullet Journal.

For some of you that know me in person or have followed my journey through the years, anxiety has always been my weakness. The thought of forgetting about something important, of having things that aren't in my control, or even dumb thoughts that after a while you realize how idiotic they were... That has been my life for the past two/three years. To be able to release some of the tension, I started to doodle, to write, to paint... and why not put that energy into something more productive that could actually help me with my daily tasks?

I've always used Mr. Wonderful's agendas, and what made me love them was the fact that you could put a little bit of yourself in each page with the stickers. Nevertheless, I wanted to be able to make this year's agenda my agenda. And here's how I started:

  1. Bought a dotted notebook. It doesn't have to be dotted but I figured it would be easier to draw and take measurements with the dots on the pages;
  2. Got some pens. These can be any type of pens - you can even do water-coloring. Go wild with your imagination. There are no rights or wrongs. The essential pen is a black fine tipped one for details and writing, the rest is up to you!
  3. Inspiration is key! I started following some Instagram pages and hashtags so I could get a grip of what type of style I wanted, what colors suited me the most, ... Probably one of the most important steps;
  4. Get to work. Start small. Start testing. And by the time you're done you'll realize how easy it is.

I got to admit, it was scary at first. The thought of looking into a blank page and knowing you have to put something there from your own head... it can be terrifying. But with time I soon realized that the only things I needed to be scared of were those kind of negative thoughts.

If you want to pursue this path, please feel free to message me with your results! I'll be sharing my own via my Instagram page, at least some of the pages I create.

7 comentários

  1. Adoro, está muito giro!
    Para quem estava assustada ao início, saíste-te muito bem :).
    Blog: Life of Cherry

  2. Adoro mesmo mas não teria paciência para seguir à risca

    1. ahah, tambem pensei que ia sofrer do mesmo problema mas até agora tenho-me mantido forte

  3. Eu gostava imenso de ter um Bullet Journal, mas sei que o meu nunca estaria tão bonito ahah!

  4. É um formato que adoro ver, mas para o qual me falta jeito ahahah
    Ficou mesmo bonito!


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