25 things I've learned in 25 years

4 de julho de 2019

"I didn't come this far to only come this far"

Apparently I'm 25 now..? So strange to think about this. It seems like yesterday was my 20th birthday but here we are. Time sure flies when you're having fun...or when you're too busy. A quarter of a century on this earth has made me grow and learn a lot, not only about myself, but about life. In 5 years I'll probably come to this blog and laugh at my supposed age wisdom, but until then, enjoy 25 things I've learned in 25 years on this earth.

  1. Things don't change. You change the way you see things;
  2. A mistake isn't the end of the world. It's the beginning of something better;
  3. On that note... Never be afraid of change. Change appearance. Change job. Change place. Change is a part of life and you shouldn't feel anxious about something new. Embrace it and live it to its fullest;
  4. Don't settle. Love yourself enough to know what you want and what you don't want. Good things will come when you know your self-worth;
  5. Mental health is as important as physical health. Take your time. Ask for help if needed. Nothing is too big that can't be solved. You're not alone;
  6. Take a criticism as an opportunity to grow, not as an attempt to bring you down;
  7. Know that "me time" is as essential as "us time". "Us" being friends, family, loved ones... You shouldn't feel bad for wanting time for yourself;
  8. Friends are important. Friends are a pillar. They're your second family. Treat them as such;
  9. Even if you like planning like me... Don't plan everything. Take a trip without having everything timed. Don't marry because you're the right age. Don't try to guide your own life... Seat back and enjoy the ride sometimes;
  10. And... Travel. Challenge yourself to get to know new places, new people, new cultures. You'll learn more about life being outside the box;
  11. (Trying) Being an adult is hard. Remember that time when we were little and we wished to be big..? It's not worth it. So many responsibilities, things to remember, things that are proper and things that are resented. It's great to have more freedom, it's worse having that freedom conditioned by age;
  12. Making time is the best gift you can give to your loved ones;
  13. Respect other's believes. Even if they're not yours. Even if you don't agree with them. Share your views without silencing the ones around you. Be humble;
  14. City life is not for me. I feel like my family's life is the "Little Mermaid"'s story and sequels. My ancestors lived on the land and wanted to come to the city. I live on the city and want to return to nature;
  15. Don't be afraid to express yourself. Through words, writing, painting... Let your thoughts come out. Don't bottle everything up;
  16. Never stop wanting to become a better person. You have so much room to grow. Learn and bloom;
  17. You can't help everyone. Even if your heart is the size of the universe. You're human. At the end of the day know your limits and see you've done the very best you could with the cards you've been given;
  18. Don't stop wearing something because of someone else's criticism. If you want to wear a dress, do it. If you're more of a pants kind of person... do it. Wear whatever makes you happy. Just don't catch a cold or overheat;
  19. Organizing your house = organizing your mind. Try it. It's therapeutic for me;
  20. Don't be afraid to cry if you're sad. Don't be afraid to laugh when you think something's funny;
  21. Never stop dreaming. When you least expect it, your dreams will come true;
  22. Adopt pets, don't buy;
  23. Don't abandon your loved ones at the hospital. So many people, especially elders, are left at the hospital just so their families can have a vacation out without worrying (?). Please don't abandon the ones that took care of you when you were most vulnerable;
  24. You won't get everything you want in life. Don't be upset about it. Enjoy and be thankful for what you have;
  25. Age doesn't define you or you're mental maturity. 

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  1. Não sei se o meu comentário anterior foi enviado, eu e blogues não nos entendemos... Mas sinceramente, apetece me imprimir tudo o que escreveste aqui e colar nas paredes do meu quarto, para os dias em que tudo parece um túnel escuro, onde mal se vê a luz. Obrigada por isso ❤️

  2. O 14!! Tão isso, é tão necessário um regresso ao verde, ao pé descalço, à calmaria e lentidão ♥

  3. Amei seu artigo, estou acompanhando seu blog há alguns dias e posso dizer é estou adorando. Sempre tem conteúdo de qualidade com bastante dicas e informações interessantes!


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