Hello, Cinque Terre

29 de agosto de 2019

Hello everyone! If you ever get the chance to travel to Italy, I highly recommend you making a stop at this amazing place. This was our last day in Florence so we decided to spend it somewhere near and calm. In order to get to experience Cinque Terre from Florence you have three options:

  1. By car to La Spezia - which I wouldn't recommend since you'll miss most of the incredible landscape. Nevertheless, if you pick this option you can there take the boat (battelo) or the bus to travel between the tiny villages;
  2. Train from Florence to La Spezia - there you can catch a bus that goes around the villages;
  3. Train to Riomaggiore - where, if you don't get easily sea sick, you can catch the boat, visit the villages and return either by boat to Riomaggiore and then catch the train back, or stay at the last stop of the boat (Monterosso) and catch the train back there.

Since we were up for adventure, we decided to go for the third option. There are several types of tickets you can buy to go on the boat and the prices vary. What changes is the number of stops you can make along the way and the direction you're following. The fact that we were short on time and didn't want to rush anything, we bought a one way ticket (which means one trip from Riomaggiore - where we started - to Monterosso - where we ended), with the possibility of making two stops (the last stop and one in between). After the boat we caught the train back to Florence in Monterosso.

Like I said, you can make travel by boat in both ways so, if you have time to spare, you can make the trip from Riomaggiore to Monterosso, then return to Riomaggiore and catch the train back there. It all depends on the time you have and what you want to do with your trip.

The boat tickets have to be bought on the spot but, if you want to save some time waiting in line, the train tickets can be bought online. The only thing you have to do is bring a print of them with you to the trip - just don't be late to catch them!

If you want more information regarding the boat, timetables, stops and prices, you can check their website to plan whatever is best for you. 

Cinque Terre, or Five Villages, are coastal villages that manly live out of agriculture and fishing. The villages themselves don't have access by car, so that's why I recommend the other two options. Either way, the five villages are: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Since we decided to make an extra stop we left the boat in Manarola and spent about 2 hours there calmly walking and taking the view - hence why most of the pictures are from there. From all the stops, this one was definitely my favorite and I highly recommend you spend a little of your time there as well.

Next post I'll be showing you our Florence trip, what we visited and what I loved the most. Until then hope you like this entry!

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