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10 de abril de 2020

Hello everyone! After a long time away, I bring you the first post of 2020. Social isolation brought my creative and writing side back, so here I am again. Though I still have to keep working during these times because of what I chose to do for a living, I decided to bring the blog back to live, or at least keep documenting my journeys and my thoughts somewhere. If you're still there after all these years, thank you. If you stumbled upon this mess of a post...welcome?

So... Back to the subject... My last big trip took place in the end of 2019, when me and 3 more of my uni friends decided to visit another mutual friend working in Ireland. And since we were there... why not explore the country? We didn't have much time, and money is always counted to the cent, and that's why we didn't go to many museums - just the ones our friend, who already knows the country pretty well - recommended.

What's the first thing you think about when I say Ireland?? GUINNESS. That's was our first stop - the Guinness museum. I've got to tell you, I'm not a beer kind of girl, but my opinion did an 180º when I tasted it for the first time. It's nothing compared to the beer I'm used to. The taste is so much more rich, no gas, just... sweet and bitter at the same time? Can´t explain it better. And the museum itself is enormous, explaining in detail how the Guinness beer is made, how you can pour the perfect pint, and a tasting bar inside. Furthermore you have a rooftop bar where you can order something to drink while having a marvelous full view of Dublin. Totally recommend the stop by. For information on ticket prices and online booking you can visit the main website here.

The second place we visited and should also be on your list is Kilmainham Gaol, a former Irish prison, now turned into a museum. It doesn't sound interesting at first, but consider that inside this prison were held many Irish revolutionaries, some of them responsible for pushing through with Ireland's independence. With the ticket you get access to a fully toured visited, where the guide is able to explain to everyone in detail a part of Ireland's history just by going from one cell to another.  The places of notorious figures in Ireland history were killed or kept are respectfully signed and acknowledge during the visit. There are no two visits alike, since the amount of history engraved in those walls are never-ending. If you wish to visit the prison and understand a bit more of Irish history, feel free to book your tickets here.

Lastly, the night life is something you shouldn't miss out. Every single pub has a different theme, a different vibe, a different type of entertainment. Don't end your day with a museum... before going back and sleep for the next day stop by a pub and have a drink. Enjoy the environment and watch as the city of Dublin goes to life when the sun goes down. Besides, everyone I encountered is super friendly and helpful, giving you tips for the best places to hang out.

On the next post we'll drive away from the capital, into the vast green and blue that surrounds this beautiful country. Stay tunned!

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